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Hey there Fableist family -
Sitting atop the mesa at Pomar Junction vineyards, we’re soaking up the last bits of summer and ushering in fall with a grateful heart. The sun is brushing the tops of the hills and lighting up the last bit of grapes yet to be harvested. It’s our fourth summer here on the property. Each year, the anticipation of the colors of fall gracing the leaves left on the vines. The view is breathtaking and invigorating. We are eternally thankful to be able to share this with you.
We have three personal favorites for this upcoming shipment. We handpicked a few select barrels for another vintage of our reserve Cabernet, along with some standouts from our Chardonnay for its own reserve bottling. For the Chardonnay, once we identify those special nuggets in the cellar, we give it a few more months of aging to really round things out.
Lastly, we have a blend from two special sites out in the Paso Robles Highlands (just east of the winery). These vineyards are farmed by two of our favorite grape growers, who just so happen to be next door neighbors…
As you break out your calendars and fill them with events — undoubtedly surrounded by friends and family — we hope you reach for a bottle of Fableist. We wish for warm hearts and full bellies for each and every one of our Fableist Wine Club family!
Thank you for sticking with us. Best wishes to you and yours as we wrap up 2022. We look forward to hosting you at the vineyard sooner than later!