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Here’s to spring…

East Templeton is popping. We just finished up a super warm week here. Pretty much feels like summer. I should be praying for rain but honestly the summer vibes keep things fresh and positive around the vineyard.

This warm weather has our vines popping. Fresh shoots as far as the eyes can see right now. The vintage begins…

Let’s celebrate with a six pack of new special reserves from the Fableist. We’ve got a couple of new wines that really showcase the current season. Both come from grapes a stone’s throw from the cellar door.

As many of you have heard, the vines back behind the crush pad were once a test plot for new grape varieties. This past harvest we ended up having a few exceptional barrels of verdelho and touriga from those mature vines that we chose to bottle and showcase this spring.

Along with those unique varieties we also have new reserves of Pinot Noir, Aglianico, Zinfandel and Tempranillo. We hope to see you all out at our tasting room soon.