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2023 Estate Red Wine - Blaufränkisch/ Counoise

2023 Estate Red Wine - Blaufränkisch/ Counoise
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An Ass was resting in a pasture when he spotted a Wolf lurking behind a bush.

Fearing for his life, the Ass concocted a plan: He hobbled by the Wolf, limping as if he were injured.

“Oh, please help me!” the Ass cried. “I have stepped on a sharp thorn, and it would only get stuck in your throat if you were to eat me.”

Persuaded, the Wolf came near to inspect the Ass’ hoof. But the Ass launched a swift kick to the Wolf’s face, and fled as quickly as he could.

Keep to your trade.


Wine Specs
El Pomar District, Paso Robles
Vineyard Designation
The Templeton Preserve
100% Neutral Oak
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
Nose: Cherry Icee Spearmint Fresh Cracked Black Pepper Candied Ginger Palate: Shirley Temple Strawberry Stems Raspberry Lemonade Double Bubble Bubble Gum (say that three times fast)
Production Notes
Made from another couple of blocks that we pick at multiple times through the harvest. We let a few rows of our block 4 test plot ripen a little bit longer than we do for our estate rose to create one of two, bright red table wines off the property. We make this one in a carbonic fashion. For those unfamiliar with this style, we fill a small stainless tote with intact whole clusters and we seal it up. The grapes essentially ferment from the inside out without any oxygen in there. This creates a super fresh and bright red wine for you to enjoy. Notes of cherry icee, candied ginger, and fresh cracked pepper explode from the glass. Serve chilled to cellar temp. Only 75 cases were made.