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Olive Oil

Olive Oil
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/ 750ml

FABLE 413 The Olive Tree 


The Olive Tree boasted about its year-round greenery, claiming superiority.

However, when the snow arrived, it caused the Olive Tree's branches to break while leaving the other trees unscathed.

Boasting and nature's forces can lead to downfall.

In 2023, we gathered the remaining olives from our property and crafted our inaugural estate, Olio Nuovo. We handpicked both mission and arbequina varieties immediately after the grape harvest season. The olives were quickly milled, and the oil was bottled within seven days of harvesting. Olio Nuovo is bottled with its natural cloudiness, reflecting its freshness, and boasts a wonderfully spicy flavor profile. It's ideal for cooking and capable of withstanding higher temperatures. This is as extra virgin as it can get. Use it in your home-cooked dishes or enjoy it as a dipping oil with a delicious baguette. Only 32 cases were produced.