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2019 Reserve Sparkling Rosé

2019 Reserve Sparkling Rosé
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/ 750ml

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087 The Goose and the Golden Eggs

A Countryman once owned a remarkable Goose, which laid a glittering Golden Egg. The Man took the Golden Egg to market and was paid handsomely for it. Thrilled, he continued to sell a special Golden Egg each day — but it was not enough. The Man became impatient for the Goose to lay more. // One morning, the Man became angry and cut open the Goose to find the source of the Golden Eggs. But he found no Eggs, and his precious Goose was now dead. //

Those who have plenty want more and so lose all they have.

Wine Specs
Sparkling Rosé
Arroyo Grande Valley
Vineyard Designation
Coquina Vineyard
5% New French Oak
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
A bit of hope in a bottle — notes of stone fruit, peach and apricot leave you reminiscent of springtime memories, and fresh strawberry and cherry remind you of sweet things to come. Let the bright, bubbly finish warm your heart as you ponder your blessings.
Production Notes
96% Chardonnay, 4% Pinot Noir